Denmark coping well with Covid-19 pandemic

A Tipperary man living in Denmark says the country has responded well to a recent easing of restrictions.

The Scandinavian country is seen by many as an interesting case study, as it has reopened schools for some students over the last two weeks.

The country has recorded almost 10,000 cases of Covid-19, with 493 deaths.

Seán Hogan from Killeen has been living in Denmark since the beginning of the year, and says there has been no surge in Covid-19 cases despite a lifting of the lockdown.

“The restrictions never got any stricter here, you know, you could always just walk into the supermarket, there was never any queuing. Things are very good here at the moment.”

“The schools opened up about two weeks ago for kids up to about the age of ten and students who are doing the equivalent of the Leaving Cert they went back to school as well so they’re keeping an eye on that.”

“Things are looking good here you know, the death rate is very low – we’re at 493 which is very low compared to Ireland.”