Confusing time for Tipp Leaving Cert students

Photo courtesy of Google Maps

Leaving Cert students are coming to terms with the fact that their exam has been deferred until at least late July or early August.

However a Tipperary school principal says this has in some ways raised more questions than answers.

Karen Steenson of Clonmel High School says the fact that students are not in school makes it even more difficult not having the answers or how its all going to work.

She says there’s a huge amount of speculation and that’s why she’s really feeling sorry for students with social media. She herself had to put down the phone at the weekend because she couldn’t manage the amount of speculation and opinion on whether this is the right thing to do whether it’s not the right thing to do.

Karen Steenson says to be a 6th year student in the middle of all this must be really frustrating and she does worry about that.