Far right protestors told to leave Roscrea IPA protest

Far Right elements have tried to infiltrate protests in Roscrea according to a local resident.

A picket has been maintained outside Racket Hall Hotel since news broke last Thursday that the Government planned to house 160 International Protections Applicants in the building.

Locals were angered by the lack of communication on the matter while also highlighting the lack of services in the town.

Justin was one of those taking part in the protest outside the hotel on the Dublin Road – he says a far right contingent that joined the gathering were swiftly dealt with.

“Everyone that was there was local until yesterday afternoon when those videos started circulating and then these guys started to arrive. But we were wise to these lads you know what I mean – you can pick these lads out quite easily.

“It was discreet enough – in fairness to the uniformed Gardaí that were there at the time, they were clued in as well – and a little bit of communication between some members of the public and the Garda the boys were quickly swooped into a little circle and told to get lost. And they got lost.”