Doras CEO says people in Tipp shouldn’t be fearful of refugees and asylum seekers

Photo from Pixabay

A group servicing Tipperary which protects the rights migrants says protests targeting refugees are wrong.

John Lannon, CEO of Doras an NGO based in Limerick that upholds the human rights and well-being of migrants in Ireland, says he was deeply disappointed by the recent events in Dublin.

He told Tipp FM that it is important to remember that this does not represent the vast majority of people in communities.

When asked about the poor communication in recent weeks in North Tipp he said the Government should be more transparent but frustrations should be directed at the right people.

“We have got to recognise first of all, that the vast majority of Irish people are really welcoming communities are welcoming despite the fact that in any cases communities are also under pressure and are straining because of lack of services and other things but we have got to separate these issues, communities need the services they need but hey cannot take out these frustrations on refugees and asylum seekers.”

He also says that people in Tipperary shouldn’t be fearful of refugees and asylum seekers entering their communities.

Many have also expressed issues with those who arrive with no passport or false documentation.

However, John told the news desk that this fear is unwarranted.

“In some cases it gets lost it gets torn up, smugglers re often necessary for people to find a route to safety and it could get thrown overboard in the Mediterranean or across the sea, it could have gotten destroyed, it could have been that people have had to just find temporary documentation to get to Ireland. The important thing to remember is that everybody who makes an application for international protection or asylum, here in Ireland is fully documented by the Department of Justice.”