Local Councillor Kevin O’Meara says new Tipperary CTTV policy must be deterrent to crime

Local Councillor Kevin O’Meara says CCTV schemes will be an important way to deter anti-social behaviors and help prosecute illegal activity in Tipperary.

The local authority has finalised a new policy document on the issue, that sets out the best ways to use the technology over the coming years in the county.

It provides a framework on how the camera systems can be implemented and paid for, and covers the issue of how to comply with data privacy legislation.

Various local towns and communities are looking to use CCTV cameras to deter anti-social and illegal activity but their use is restricted by privacy laws.

Cllrs are reviewing the policy at the moment and Independent Kevin O’Meara says he’s taken issue with the wording of a section of the document that says it should be viewed as a last resort and not a replacement for Garda policing.

Cllr O’Meara says that this is downplaying their usefulness in fighting crime:

”I noticed on one of the slides that they said that CCTV was a last resort.
In my opinion, it’s not a last resort, and Brian (Director of Services Brian Beck) mentioned that it’s not there to replace Gardaí but I think it’s there to support them a hundred percent , and it does give people reassurance that they do act as a deterrent, certainly, in rural areas.”

The policy will be debated at the local authority meeting in January.