Carrick councillors to get second bite of the cherry on town regeneration plan

Photo from Google Maps

The five members of the Carrick on Suir Municipal will have another opportunity to vote on the Regeneration Project for the town on Monday morning.

It follows a breach of Standing Orders first time round when a vote on taking the multi-million Euro project to Part 8 was not taken in alphabetical order.

Councillor Kieran Bourke said he should have been first to vote following by David Dunne – who were both opposed to the plans

They in fact were last to vote with Mark Fitzgerald, Imelda Goldsboro and Kevin O’Meara supporting the move.

Kieran Bourke says a meeting is now scheduled for Monday when another vote will be taken.

“I would love to see a different outcome – the reason why is I honestly believe that we need to step back and reflect on and listen to the peoples voices and opinions.

“I mean there was a survey carried out – and I’ve gone back to the people saying ah, a survey says you’re 100% behind this rejuvenation plan – these are business people and they’ve said nothing could be further from the truth.”