Cahill: Reopening Grants Hotel would be gamechanger for Roscrea

Photo from Google Maps

The government has given a commitment in principle to back a community hotel in Roscrea.

The loss of the only hotel in area the following the decision to use Racket Hall to accommodate 160 International Protection Applicants has been raised with the Integration Minister.

Deputy Jackie Cahill and Councillor Michael Smith met with Roderic O’Gorman in Leinster House to discuss the situation.

They pointed out that the loss of the hotel was a huge concern as it was the only venue available in the area.

Deputy Cahill says they put forward suggestions for a Government funded community hotel in Roscrea.

“Minister O’Gorman was very impressed with this innovative proposal that we put on the table. Leader would obviously be involved with this along with Tipperary County Council and with government funding I think this initiative can succeed.

“Minister O’Gorman had discussions with the Tánaiste and the Taoiseach as I had myself and they’re in favour and have given the government blessing to examine funding mechanisms that can allow us to achieve this goal.

“A reopened Grants Hotel in the centre of Roscrea would be major fillip for the commercial life of the town.”