Army Bomb Disposal unit deal with suspect device in Clonmel

The Army bomb disposal unit was called to deal with a suspect device in Clonmel last evening.

The area was declared safe after a number of hours.

Gardaí on patrol in Clonmel are said to have located the suspect device shortly after 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon.

The area around the road known locally as High-Busha-Cusha was sealed off while traffic was also prevented from travelling between the Old Bridge and Drohans Forge.

The Army Bomb Disposal Unit arrived at the scene shortly after 6pm – they deployed their six-wheeled remotely operated robot which relayed images of the device back to their truck.

The operation was interrupted on two occasions when a local sheepdog – believed to be called Buster – approached the robot and sniffed the suspect device.

Just over an hour later the bomb disposal team took a plastic shopping bag from the scene – this was subsequently placed in an evidence bag and taken away by a local Garda Detective.

The Garda Armed Support Unit was also on the scene while a house in the nearby Brook Crescent estate was cordoned off and later searched.