Purchasing of vast amounts of South Tipp farmland raised in the Dáil

Photo from Oireachtas Broadcasting

A call for a Dáil debate on the acquisition of large tracts of land in Tipperary by John Magnier has been defeated.

Clare Independent TD Michael McNamara raised the issue during the Order of Business asking that time be set aside for a discussion on the purchase of farmland in South Tipperary by the Coolmore supremo.

Deputy McNamara also called for measures to combat further concentration of ownership of land in the Golden Vale.

“Ceann Comhairle will all of South Tipperary have to be owned by one man and Trust Funds linked to him before the matter is debated in this House and measures are taken to prevent that concentration of land ownership because of the economic social consequences of that.

“Just because one is a large donor to the parties in Government should not preclude one from examination in this House”

Taoiseach Simon Harris appeared to have no issue with having the matter debated by an Oireachtas committee.

“In relation to issues and a number of other suggestions in relation to debates around land use and Shannon and the like I think they can be explored at the Business Committee.”

However a subsequent vote on the Order of Business for this week resulted in the defeat of Deputy McNamara’s call by the government parties.