Cullinan calls on dog owners to control their pets during lambing season

Stock photo: / analogicus.

Local farmer and IFA leader Tim Cullinan is urging dog owners to ‘take responsibility’ this lambing season.

As spring approaches the Toomevara farmer says that an out of control dog can cause unexplainable devastation for a farmer.

He says that especially when a pregnant ewe is attacked the financial loss is amplified.

Cullinan told Tipp today that dog owners must keep their dog under control, even when they are out walking with them :

” There’s nothing as devastating as a farmer going out in the morning and seeing the devastation that can happen because of dogs that are not under control. The responsibility of dog owners… to know where they are… that they are kept on a leash. If a number of dogs get together and start chasing sheep the damage they can do to sheep or pregnant ewes is unbelievable actually.”