Walkers warned to keep dogs on leads when out for daily exercise

The President of the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association (ICMSA) is warning walkers to keep dogs on leads if they are out for daily exercise.

Pat McCormack, from Greenane near Tipp Town, is urging for more responsibility by dog owners after two separate sheep kills on farms in south Tipperary over the last month.

Most recently, a pack of dogs attacked a flock over the weekend in Mullinahone, causing the death of a number of sheep while more had to be put down.

Mr McCormack says there may be a lot of people walking in unknown surroundings given current Covid-19 restrictions.

“Not alone have they a responsibility as regards social distancing, they have a responsibility to other road users but equally they have a responsibility that their pets don’t stray or wander,” said Mr McCormack.

He emphasised that it’s not just an issue for sheep farmers and said at this time of year young calves are being left out to grass.

“They can get extremely excited if they’re not used to their environment and can be potential prey for a chase for an uncanny dog or pack of dogs that could potentially be out there,” said Mr McCormack.