Tipperary pharmacist appeals to people over 70 not to collect their medications themselves

A Tipperary pharmacist is appealing to people over the age of 70 to avoid collecting their own medication.

Denis Finnerty of Finnerty’s Pharmacy in Nenagh is concerned that he is still seeing elderly people come to the store despite a Government directive that they cocoon themselves in their homes.

He says that business remains brisk, but says that there is a high level of compliance with social distancing guidelines.

Mr Finnerty wants to see the elderly avail of collection services:

“Those people in the age category of 70 years +, should not come to the pharmacy to collect their medicines.

“This disease, as you can see from the statistics, is a disease which simply kills old people. Their immune systems are not able to cope with the load that’s placed on them.

“Really they should be having somebody call to the pharmacy call to the pharmacy to pick up their medicines.

“If they’re not able to do that, a simple phonecall to most pharmacies now will definitely allow the pharmacy to assemble the medicines and get it to them safely.”