Tipperary man in Australia says the benefits of social distancing are very apparent in his area

Photo from Pixabay
A Tipperary man living in Australia, says people in his area seem to be taking social distancing more seriously than in other places.
Dermot Fleming is in Adelaide where there have been no reported cases as a result of community transmission yet.
He says his own company was very quick to get people out of the office and working from home.
And speaking to Tipp Today he said as wells as pubs and restaurants closing, other measures have been taken to prevent the spread:
“I think the majority of people in South Australia, and Adelaide especially, have more or less adhered to what the early advice was with social distancing.
“In my place of work, I suppose about a week or a week-and-a-half ago, they started really clamping down on that – spreading desks around, ensuring that cleaners come in during the day, cleaning surfaces. The railways are also cleaned during the day and at nighttime.
“I think they took it more seriously here than in other parts of Australia.”