Tipperary County Council urging more people to avail of COVID-19 helpline

Photo © Tipp FM

Tipperary County Council is urging more people to avail of their Covid-19 Community Support helpline.

20 calls per day are being fielded by staff, who are coordinating help on a local level to ease the pressure on government departments during the crisis.

Elderly people who are cocooning at the moment are urged to reach out for assistance with grocery collection among many other services, by contacting the helpline at 0761 06 5000.

Director of Services at the Council, Pat Slattery, is encouraging more people to get in touch:

“We’re operating almost a week now. The first couple of days we had over a hundred calls each day and over half of those were volunteers who were offering support and help. That was great and we referred them on to the Volunteer Centre who registered them and are trying to hook them up with the different groups across the county.

“At the moment we’re experiencing about 20 calls a day, which is relatively low. But we’re expecting that to go up.”