Questions raised around status of CCTV in South Tipp

Image © Canva

Questions have been raised around the status of CCTV in South Tipp.

Councillors have expressed their annoyance at the delays in implementing the new cameras in Clonmel at their recent meeting of the Borough.

The district administrator told members that they had submitted all documentation and require information and were awaiting sign off from Garda HQ in Dublin.

However, it was emphasised that Nenagh were also waiting for their plans to be approved and were in ahead of Clonmel.

Councillor Siobhan Ambrose says people are eager to see the new cameras installed to increase safety in the area.

“It makes it safer for members of the community, but it also aids the Gardaí because it just means it’s, I feel, another pair of eyes. We  have been told that it’s imminent now; it’s any day. Hopefully, we won’t be waiting too much longer for this addition. We already have CCTV in Clonmel, but these are additional cameras around the town, so we look forward to the rollout of these cameras.”