Publication of book by Tipp doctor set to hit the shelves this month

It's Probably Your Hormones by Dr. Mary Ryan. Photo from

The publication of a book by a Tipp doctor is set to hit the shelves this month.

Nenagh based Dr. Mary Ryan, who works as a consultant endocrinologist, has written a book entitled “It’s Probably Your Hormones.”

The book deals with a number of health topics that can be traced back to hormones, such as weight gain, libido loss, insomnia, male and female fertility issues, and more.

Dr. Ryan says menopause is one area that has been under-researched for a very long time.

“Women’s health is totally under-researched. Up to eight years ago, there was very little done on menopause. Women were coming to me who were suffering for 10 or 20 years, and I mean really suffering, with nothing being done and not being listened to. So, this narrative needed to be changed. I mean, menopause isn’t a new thing; it’s been around since Adam and Eve, but once the tables turned and we said, “Listen, we’re talking about it. It’s a real thing. Don’t just fob it off; everyone had to listen to it.”

“It’s Probably Your Hormones” is due for release on March 30th.