PHOTOS: Take a look inside a Tipperary COVID-19 test centre just before it became operational

Photo from Google Maps

Two COVID-19 test centres are now up and running in Tipperary.

One is in the Derg Centre in Nenagh, while the other is at Moyle Rovers GAA club near Clonmel.

You’re being reminded that both test centres are by appointment only, so you must contact your GP if you think you’re in need of testing.

Before the Moyle Rovers centre became operational in recent days, one of the HSE’s own staff members, Fiachra Ó Céilleachair went through it to demonstrate what happens.


At no stage will visitors to the centres leave their car. Once checked in at the entrance, visitors will be provided with a face mask, tissues and disposable bag and directed to a test bay attended by healthcare workers wearing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). At this point, visitors will be asked to blow their nose and dispose of the tissue in the bag provided. A throat and nose swab will then be taken and the visitor will leave the facility, return to their self-isolation and results will be made available subsequently.

Staff at Moyle Rovers GAA Club test centre |
Staff at Moyle Rovers GAA Club test centre |

South East Community Healthcare (SECH) has appealed for the privacy of those staffing and visiting the five centres to be respected.


Further information on Testing for Covid-19 at