House prices soar in Tipperary in 2021

Photo © Pixabay

Tipperary has experienced one of the largest increases in house prices in Ireland in 2021.

The Irish Independent has published its annual property price survey, which found that prices rose by 18 percent in the Premier County last year.

The average price of a three-bed semi in the north of the county rose by 26 percent last year to 230,000 euro,

The same type of house in the south of the county rose by 11 percent last year to 200,000 euro.

The Irish Independent’s Residential Property Editor, Mark Keenan, assesses the likely reasons:

“It’s been caused by an increase in population, low interest rates, high employment in the area, high rents and cheap mortgages.

“They are pushing property prices forward.

“Towns like Nenagh benefit from good employers in tech and pharma and the proximity to Limerick opens up the possibility of occasional commuting there to.

“Tipperary isn’t a long way to go to anymore.”