Digital pedestals in Clonmel seen as positive move

Photo © Tipp FM

The installation of digital pedestals in Clonmel is seen as a welcome replacement for the old style phone boxes in the town.

They contain a public phone and also have interactive screens providing a local area map, tourist information and points of interest.

There’s also a health section and various emergency numbers on the display.

Councillor Michael Murphy feels the pedestals have great potential.

“We had a number of derelict phone boxes – I particularly highlighted the one opposite Hearns Hotel and a couple in O’Connell Street and Gladstone Street. We now have these digital pedestals installed. The County Council have not been involved – they’ve been erected at no cost to the local authority.

“Also just to welcome the amount of tourist information that will be available on the interactive screens on the digital pedestal.”

Councillor Michael Murphy says they also provide a very important service.

“What really struck me in terms of the call usage and who is likely to use these digital pedestals in terms of making phone calls are children accessing Childline services and also victims of domestic abuse. So as far as I’m concerned if they’re there for that purpose alone we should absolutely champion them, we should welcome them.

“Of course there’s other benefits as well and this is possible locations for defibrillators and EV charging points as well.”