Dr Harrold encouraging greater uptake of flu jab for winter season

Photo © Tipp FM

A local GP is encouraging people to consider getting the flu jab to help ease demand on the health service this winter.

Nenagh-based doctor and regular Tipp FM contributor Pat Harrold expects a large cohort of people to be offered the jab for free in the coming months.

Concerns have been regularly raised about the potential for a second wave of Covid-19 to occur at the same time as flu season.

Dr Harrold has been outlining who he thinks will be expected to receive the flu jab for free this year:

“It’ll be available free to people with a range of things – like people who work in the meat and poultry industry, people with diabetes, people with any sort of immuno-compromised position, all kids up to 12. In Britain they actually give it to everybody up to 17 years old, and I think that’s the recommendation from the WHO.

“So if I never got it before, I’d really consider getting it (flu jab). And they have a quadrivalent vaccine now too, which is the vaccine which will protect against four types of flu.”

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