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04 Jun, 2015

Keep up to date with the musings of the BLT Crew Brian & Lorraine.

September 7th

Whats in a name??

 Want some useless trivia about how bands got their names?? of course you do. Have a look at how some of the Acts who rocked Electric Picnic actually got their names!

The Rat Pack

One of the biggest bands to emerge from Ireland, Boomtown Rats formed in Dun Laoghaire in 1975 led by the inimitable Bob Geldof. The original line up of Geldof, guitarists Garry Roberts and Gerry Cott, keyboardist Johnnie Fingers, bassist Pete Briquette and drummer Simon Crowe, were booked for their first gig under the name “The Nightlife Thugs”.

It has been reported that the band’s name only lasted until the interval of that gig, when Roberts threatened to resign if they remained as “The Nightlife Thugs”.

The band swiftly changed its name to “Boomtown Rats,” after a gang of kids that Geldof had read about in the 1943 Woody Guthrie autobiography, Bound for Glory.

Boomtown Rats went on to scoop worldwide hits with tracks like “I Don’t Like Mondays” and made history by becoming the first Irish band to have a UK Number  1 with “Rat Trap”.

Boomtown Rats eventually split in 1986, but reformed in 2013, minus Johnnie Fingers and Gerry Cott, with Geldof saying “this isn’t nostalgia, rather perhaps a time to be angry again.”

Here’s hoping for some anger at Electric Picnic this weekend then!


No Blurred Lines

Arguably the biggest acts which took to the stage this weekend, Blur’s name came about from the band’s record label disliking their original name, Seymore.

Childhood friends Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon met Alex James while studying at London's Goldsmiths College in 1988. Album was in another band called Circus at the time but decided to throw in his lot with his new mates.

The original name Seymore was a nod to J.D. Salinger's Seymour: An Introduction. How very artsy indeed.

Seymore soon garnered the attention of Food Records where industry expert Andy Ross showed dislike for the band’s name, and so drew up a list of potential new ones including Sensitize, Whirlpool and The Shining Path. Luckily for the lads, Blur was on the list.

Although “Whirlpool playing at The Electric Picnic” does have  a certain ring to it.  

Preaching to the converted

Like so many bands The Manic Street Preachers first got to know each other in school meeting at Oakdale Comprehensive School, Blackwood, in the mid 80’s.

The first incarnation of what would become one of the biggest bands of the 90’s was called Betty Blue, comprised of James Dean Bradfield, Sean Moore, Nicholas Allen Jones (better known as Nicky Wire) and rhythm guitarist Miles Woodward.

The exact reason behind the name change has never fully been confirmed but according to sources, it came from an altercation between Bradfield and a passer-by whilst busking in Cardiff.

In a fit of rage the passer-by apparently called out to Bradfield: ‘What are you, boyo, some kind of manic street preacher?!’

Turns out he was right !


Just a Machine

Tasked with the closing the main stage on Sunday night, Florence Welch certainly befits her name as a musical machine. Brevity is one of the main reasons behind the unique name.

The band is the result of Florence’s teenage collaboration with band mate Isabella "Machine" Summers.

Florence Robot/Isa Machine was the duo’s initially calling card but when travelling to their first gig the fledgling songsters realized  the name  was a bit of a mouthful so they decided Florence and the Machine was the way forward. Technology eh!



It’s been a rollercoaster year for FKA Twigs. Catapulted into the spotlight from her days as a backing dancer for Kylie Minogue, Ed Sheeran and Jessie J, FKA Twigs was nominated for two BRIT Awards earlier this year and become the one to watch in 2015.

Born Tahliah Debrett Barnett, this 27 year old began her career under the stage name of “Twigs” because of the way her joints cracked.

She was forced to preface her name with “FKA” when another artist named The Twigs complained about her use of the name.

It is said that “FKA” is an abbreviation of the words “Formerly Known As” but adding to the allure of this Mercury Prize nominee, she has revealed in several interviews that the letters do not in fact have any meaning.

Guesses on a postcard please.

July 28th

Spanish what??


Yes sometimes live Radio does go wrong, to be fair it happens quite a lot on The Breakfast BLT.  If you ever you wondered if the show was live this clip from this morning’s show should set you straight. Brian is the BUTT of Lorraine’s jokes most mornings but he didn’t help himself when mixing up a well-known tourist hot-spot with an actual spot on a tourist!

Yes there’s is quite the difference between Galway’s Spanish Arches and what Brian seemed to be talking about!


Chect it out HERE


July 14th

Tom's Things


It’s that time of year, kids are randomly packed into suitcases and shoved into  the dark recess of the boot along with 20 of their other siblings , cousins , friends, neighbours, well-wishers,  passers-by,… ok maybe holidays have slightly changed  since the 80’s .. but despite the advances in holidaying  they still can trying experiences.

 Bansha’s finest comedian (yes there is such an accolade) Tom ‘The Bear’O’Mahony joined us on Monday to give us his top tips on how to survive summer holidays.

Tom will be with us every Monday for Tom’s Things, The Breakfast BLT’s survival guide for modern life.

From Speaking German aggressively to the dangers of flip flops it’s certainly was an education this week, if you missed it firstly you better have a good excuse!


Secondly you can catch up HERE


Fun With The Pun

July 7th


For Our Fun with the Pun today we picked the story from Scotland where skinny dippers on a beach were having their close stolen whilst they were doing a bit of nudy swimming, shocking stuff!

Authorities have discovered that the thieves were off the feathered variety and it was in fact local birds taking swimmers clothes to make some home improvements to their nests.

 We got some great puns in including;

‘These Birds have Some Neck’ from David  ‘Stop pidgeon me knickers’ was Shauna’s offering  and  ‘Knickers nickers what a load of pants’  from Patrick , but our personal favourite was this gem from Scot

 ‘Stop Robin Me Red Vest’

We love what you done there Scot !

Scot was the worthy winner of our DVD/CD goody bag for his puntastic ability, don’t forget we play Fun With The  Pun  every day on the show just after our paper review  at about 8:10  give it a go and test your pun skills!

Check out the full story HERE



The Sounds Of The Irish Summer

June 30th

Right then so we’re slap bang in the middle of the Irish Summer which for those who are leaving away can be quite a lonely old time, have no fear The Breakfast BLT’s are hear!

 We chatted about some of the unique sounds of the Irish summer and we got a great response. Whether it’s the sound of the lawn mower, the theme song to the Sunday Game lilting away win the background or the roar of the festival crowd there is something so wonderfully comforting about summer at home.

We know we have lots of listeners overseas who love to listen to Tipp FM whether its through our app or our listen on line feature on www.

So we thought we would help out our lovely listeners who may be feeling a bit of homesickness at this time of the year.

 We put our heads together and complied the Sounds of The Irish summer album just for you,

Check it out HERE 


The Perfect Cake Call

June 17th

We started The Cake Call on the show last week which as it sounds is where we ask you guys who would you like to get a cake , whether its someone’s birthday, starting a new job , quitting a bad one , or just thanking someone for doing a good turn. We didn’t think it would catch on so quickly but we have had a great response and already have had some great nominations, however todays worthy winner made everyone sit up and listen.

Nine year old Leah was diagnosed with Leukaemia in December and thanks to her strength and courage and help from the nurses and staff at South Tipp General  Hospital Leah is well on the road to recovery. Leah wanted to say a special thank you to all the nurses and doctors who have helped her over the last few months and nominated the staff at the hospital for today’s Cake Call and we were thrilled to help out. We spoke to   Leah’s grandmother Tricia and put the plans in place and sent Mac  along plus a delicious cake to the Hospital in the early hours of this morning.

Leah came on the show this morning and brought the house down with her infectious laugh and devilment. We got an unbelievable reaction to Leah and we know there were loads of tears in the children’s ward from the staff thanks to Leah’s wonderful act of kindness.

Thanks to Leah and her family for getting the morning off to an amazing start and given how great she was on radio this morning we’re sure we haven’t heard the last of Leah on the wireless.  A future radio star is most definitely born!

Catch ye in the morning from 6!

Brian and Lorraine 


Road Trip and Pink Bales

June 10th

We got a great reaction to our Tipperary Monopoly board idea on the show over the last few days. It came on the back of the story we chatted about on the show that Galway is looking for ideas for theirs so we thought isn’t it high time Tipperary had one!

Your suggestions came in thick and fast from The Swiss Cottages to Nenagh Castle to Semple stadium.

We got loads of listeners suggesting The Vee so given it was a glorious day yesterday we took ourselves off to the picturesque spot yesterday and took a few snaps.

On the way there we happened to spot this bit of fetching farming!

Yeah this Barbie Bales certainly stood out and as we found out they’re part of the national campaign #wrapitpink for The Irish Cancer Society, a great way to raise awareness and funds!

We’ve been in touch with the guys and monopoly and were hoping to get a Tipperary monopoly board up and running so let us know what land-marks you think  should be included!


June 5th


We're big fans of TV3's Xposé here on The Breakfast BLT, we particularly like the style squad segment which if you  haven’t watched it's where The Xposé makeover team are let loose upon some poor sod who generally looks like they got dressed in the dark! However as our EXCLUSIVE never before seen footage shows things don’t always go to plan!.


Man Flu Alert

June 4th


Lorraine had little sympathy for Brian’s man-flu on the show this morning . We asked our listeners for some homemade flu remedies, below are some of the suggestions we got in.

Warning despite what Brian says to girls in nightclubs he is not actually a Doctor so use these at your own risk!

1. Listen to jazz

Billie Holiday fans are in luck here. Research has shown that listening to jazz for 30 minutes boosts our levels of Immunoglobulin A (IgA), an immune protein that plays a critical role in defending against infection.

2. Put on a pair of cold wet socks

Go to bed and keep your feet in a warm blanket. Apparently cold socks stimulate the body to increase circulation to the feet, relieving congestion from the head.

3. Break a (little) sweat

You can add fighting a cold to the list of never-ending benefits associated with exercise. According to the experts Moderate exercise has an anti-inflammatory effect and subsequently reduces the risk of infection.

4. Munch on a little chocolate

As wonderful as this remedy sounds, there’s a catch: sugar-sweetened and milk chocolate don’t apply. “Try hot, dark chocolate and sweeten it lightly with honey.

5. Chow down on a raw onion

Onions can help you fight a cold for two reasons. Firstly, they are naturally antimicrobial, especially when they haven’t been cooked. They also contain a lot of sulfur, which is helpful for both immune responsiveness and detoxification. Mightn’t be great for the love –life though.