Spate of burglaries sparks vigilante fears

Photo © Tipp FM - Trudy Waters

A victim of 7 burglaries on his premises on the Tipp – Offaly border fears someone might take the law into their own hands.

The latest attack on Ashgate Farm in Barna was on Sunday night last when hundreds of Euro worth of equipment was taken.

Clive Clarke is one of a number of homeowners and businesses who have been hit over the years along the Tipp – Offaly border.

He says the local Gardaí are doing their best but the thieves know the system is in their favour.

There’s a growing sense of frustration among local groups in the North Tipp – South Offaly area.

The Save Our Local Community Group was set up in the wake of a spate of burglaries in recent years however Clive Clarke says they’re losing faith in the system.

He fears unless something is done to tackle the problem once and for all someone might take the law into their own hands.

Anyone with information on this latest burglary is asked to contact Roscrea Gardaí on 0505 24230.