What’s the Question: The answer is 7 [Closed]

It could not be any easier, Owen gives you the answer, and you let him know what’s the question.

On weekdays from 3pm tune in and send Owen your question to the answer. If your question is correct you will win, the ‘What’s The Question’ Limited Jumper and the cash amount on that day.


Whats the question

Text or WhatsApp your Question to 083 3113311 on Weekdays from 3 pm to 6 pm.

7 is the answer, clues are Money and Coronation Street… What’s the question? 

Incorrect questions so far :

  • How many days in a week?
  • How many colours are in a Rainbow?
  • How many letters are in Thurles?
  • How many times has Ireland won The Eurovision?
  • In the book by Enid Blyton what number is in the title?
  • How many notes are in the Euro currency?
  • In the fifties, Howard Keel started in a musical film called Seven Brides/Seven Brothers?
  • How many spikes are on the Statue of Liberty Crown?
  • What famous footballers wore the number jersey?
  • What is in the middle number of the aftershave 4..11?
  • How many wonders of the world are there?
  • How many letters are in Ireland?
  • How many drunken nights did the Dubliners sing about?
  • How many years does a President in Ireland have in a term?
  • How many Spanish Angels?
  • What number did Paddie Maher wear for Tipp?
  • How many major Planets are in the solar system?
  • In the song by the Goombay Dance Dance how tears have flown into the river?
  • In rugby, a try and conversion add up to what total?
  • How many dwarfs are there?
  • In the life and times of Grizzly Adams, what was the name of Mad Jacks?
  • How many Driver Championships have Michael Schumacher?
  • Two motorways pass through Tipperary the M8 and what other one?
  • How brides had the same amount of brothers?
  • How many books are in the Harry Potter series?
  • How many red stripes are on the America Flag?
  • How many days are in the week?
  • What is the square root of 49?
  • How many years of bad look do you get when you break a mirror?
  • How many stars are in the sisters, in the sky?
  • How many pillars of salt are in the Bible?
  • How many Wimbledon Senior titles did Serena Willams win?
  • How many stars in the Plough?
  • What is the middle name of David Beckahm’s Daughter?
  • What number is on the fizzy bottle?
  • How many years in dogs years to human years?
  • How many letters are in Tipp GAA?
  • How many letters are in the word Twitter?
  • How many of the seas did Annie Lennox travel?
  • How many were in the family on the TV show Seventh Heaven?
  • Which number is mentioned in the Bible?
  • G is what number letter in the alphabet?
  • How many flags are on the moon?
  • How many little friends have snow white?
  • How long does it take to do the perfect eggs?
  • How many times have Lewis Hamilton won the F1 Championship?
  • July is what month?
  • How many sides on the old 50p coin?

After 135 Days, John gave us the correct question…

How many steps are on the Head-to-Head board on the Chase?