Two separate Shannon rescues near Killaloe during poor weather

People are again being warned of the dangers of the river Shannon after two people were rescued during inclement weather in recent days.

Heavy rainfall this week has led to higher river levels as well as increased speed downstream.

A woman on Tuesday night was rescued by a river user on a jet ski after she slipped and got swept away by the river south of Killaloe.

Killaloe Coastguard Unit, as well as multiple other emergency units were involved in the rescue, and were called to another incident at Killaloe Bridge yesterday morning.

Deputy Officer in Charge of Killaloe Coastguard Unit, Damien Madden, has been outlining what happened yesterday:

“At that stage there were two fishermen coming up the Shannon and they spotted the woman in the middle of the navigation channel. And she was still on the surface luckily enough trying to tread water. She was too far out for life rings to be thrown out to her.

“So the fishermen were able to get her into their boat and get her to the emergency services which were situated between the waters.”