Two people rescued after boat suffers engine failure in severe weather on Lough Derg

Severe weather conditions on Lough Derg yesterday | Photo (c) Lough Derg RNLI

A rescue operation had to be launched after a boat suffered engine failure on Lough Derg in North Tipp yesterday evening.

Lough Derg RNLI got the call at 5 o’clock to say that the 21foot motor boat was in difficulty near Corrikeen Islands on the lake.

The lifeboat reached them at 20 past 5 and it was another hour before they were safely tied in the nearest harbour.

Speaking to Tipp FM News this morning, Eleanor Hooker from Lough Derg RNLI says the weather was very much against them:

“The conditions were pretty ferocious yesterday. Even on land they were pretty ferocious. The winds were force 7 and gusting. The prevailing winds on the lake are southwesterly but yesterday they were southerly so they were pushing everybody towards Clare.

“When the lifeboat got out there, another vessel had, with the best of intentions, picked up a tow and started towing them towards County Clare.

“But as they attempted to get into Dromaan Harbour, the conditions were just too much and it pushed the motor boat onto rocks.”

Thankfully, Eleanor says, nobody was injured and the RNLI crew were able to safely remove the two passengers and extract the boat from the rocks.

The two were then brought back to the Tipperary side of the lake where their car and gear was.

Eleanor says it’s important that people take all the necessary precautions before venturing out on the waters:

“You know, the lockdown is easing now and people are going back on the water. The message from the RNLI and Lough Derg Lifeboat Station would be to check your engines before you go afloat. Make sure that you’ve changed the fuel – not the fuel from last year – have clean fuel and absolutely check the weather forecast to make sure that both you and your boat are capable for the conditions.

“It’s just sound advice. And then you’ll have a very good experience on Lough Derg and you’ll enjoy yourself.”