Ryan calls for more E-Car charging points in Tipp

Councillor Sean Ryan. Photo from Tipperarycoco.ie via Canva.com.

Better infrastructure is needed across Tipperary to encourage the purchase of electric cars.

That’s the opinion of Councillor Sean Ryan who says that many towns in the county are calling out for more charging points.

In some areas the docking stations have been installed without the charger, while in others there are limited numbers meaning that motorists can be left waiting hours for a charger.

“If one is taken up for example it could take 40 minutes to charge up your car so that’s gone for 40 minutes…the person is left in the town waiting that to charge.”

“I think if we have proper e-charging infrastructure in the town… that is the future.”

Councillor Ryan also says the council needs to start exploring alternative funding streams.

“We should specifically ask that some of this funding be used for e-chargers because I think that’s what’s necessary… I think in time a lot of these things will come down in price.”