Local group say lack of information on N24 upgrade is adding to concerns

Photo courtesy of N24 Road Facebook Group page

Proposals to use part of the existing route for the upgrade of the N24 between Limerick Junction and Cahir has met with local opposition.

Residents along the preferred corridor have been absorbing the details since it was unveiled at the end of last month.

David Moloney from the N24 Road Facebook Group raised particular safety concerns on Tipp Today earlier regarding the proposal to build the new road on the existing N24 between Limerick Junction and Tipp Town which would have major consequences during the construction phase.

He says having the route taken through fields would avoid a lot or problems.

“If they do that that means that for the two years of construction traffic will end up using rat-runs and will be diverted onto a local backroad into Tipperary Town. It has blind bends, it has a hump-backed railway (bridge) and limited visibility.

“Furthermore that road actually goes into the town by five schools. So obviously the residents don’t want what was a local narrow road turned into a sort of a bypass.”

David Moloney also says the lack of clarity is adding to the fears of those along the preferred corridor.

“I mean no one can tell us – even the engineer – what the road will look like. Is it be going to be a single carriageway or is it going to be a dual carriageway?

“Are there going to be cycle paths, are there going to be footpaths, are there going to be hard shoulders?

“And then the other thing – the interchanges with existing roads. Are they going to be on the same level with roundabouts or are you going to end up having bridges?”