Campervan site set to open in heart of Clonmel

Tipperary County Council. Photo © Tipp FM.

A campervan site is set to open in the heart of Clonmel shortly.

The Borough District has been working on installing facilities for 12 parking bays in the Suir Island car park.

District Administrator Carol Creighton says the town is an ideal base for tourists.

She says the idea for a site for camper vans has been championed by council staff in Clonmel.

“A number of staff in the Clonmel Borough District use these facilities throughout the country and they said Clonmel…you’ve got your focal point, you’ve got your hills, you’ve got your river, you’ve got kayaking trails, the Blueway, the town at your fingertips.

“We said we’ll test and trial this as a pilot run this year. We’ll have two months of the camper van facility in the back of Suir Island.”

12 bays will be available with the facility to pay on-site.

District Administrator Carol Creighton says it will allow visitors to enjoy some of the many events taking place in Clonmel.

“We’ll have the basic facilities being the water and the grey water waste. The bays have been recently lined. We’ll have signage up there so come on, come into Clonmel – there’s plenty of festivals going on so come and stay the few nights in Clonmel and hopefully we’ll get more tourists coming to avail of all our activities.”