Tipperary Garda urges people not to make houses easy targets for burglars

Burglary. Photo RainerFuhrmann via canva.com.

Gardaí in Tipperary are reminding us that while we enjoy the Christmas and New Year festivities one element of society won’t be taking a break.

Even with the Covid pandemic, people will still be visiting family over the break.

Inspector James White of Thurles Garda station says criminals won’t be stopping their activities for Christmas.

He urging people to ensure their houses are secure when left unoccupied.

“They will always be on the lookout for easy prey or an easy target, so this Christmas, please make sure that your home is as unfriendly as possible to the potential criminal.

“Ensure that your windows and doors are locked, if you’re leaving the property ensure that your alarm is set and in addition, contemplate the use of timers to give the impression that your house is occupied and they’ll go on and off when you’re not present at your property.”