Traffic chaos in Borrisokane

Photo: © Tipp FM

Residents of Borrisokane are up in arms this week due to roadworks in the town which have led to pandemonium.

Local Councillor Michael O’Meara says while the works are badly needed the traffic chaos being experienced over the last few days is not acceptable.

Speaking on Tipp Today a short time ago he said not informing locals that the N52 was to be closed as part of the works is not good enough.

“I cannot magnify enough the anger and the frustration of the people in the town and the people in the hinterland of Borrisokane in the last two mornings.”

“First of all we got no word whatsoever that this was going to happen, that the N52 was going to be closed.”

“You have two roads at the bottom of the town – the N52 and the N65 and I would say they are probably one of the busiest junctions in Ireland. And to literally close off one of them without any warning is not acceptable to me.”