Tipperary County Council to seek additional funding for 2023

Photo: Tipp FM

Cllr Michael Murphy has asked that a letter be sent to the Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform requesting additional funding in light of unprecedented levels of inflation, spiraling energy costs, and rising construction costs.

This was backed by the elected members of Tipperary County Council at this month’s meeting – it was also agreed the notice of motion would be circulated to other local authorities.

Cllr Murphy says the funding would help a lot of struggling families and SME’s during this period of inflation and soaring energy costs.

“Firstly, I want to acknowledge the extreme hardship being experienced by families at the moment. Energy costs spiraling out of control, SME’s finding themselves, to some extent, in a perfect storm. Their ambition, motivation, and resilience are being tested like never before. But, the local authority is responsible for delivering essential services to these same families and to these SME’s, and I’m really, really concerned. The impact of the cost of living crisis on our rents and rates revenue, for example, that’s why this extra revenue is so important.”

The additional funding would also enhance payroll commitments and lessen the impact of the cost of living crisis on other revenue streams.

Cllr Murphy says the extra funding would be critical in maintaining the current level of essential services.

“Unless we get this additional funding, there will be an impact on essential services. And these are essential services that citizens require every week, sometimes on a daily basis, and SME’s as well. So that’s why it’s so, so important. There’s a window between now and the end of the year. There’s a budgetary process, a finance bill at the national level and I sincerely hope that, with momentum and with this notice of motion going to other local authorities-the three regional assemblies as well-that the Minister will listen but more importantly deliver.”