Tipp property owners paid €13 million in LPT last year

In all the government raised €482 million through the Local Property Tax last year with Tipperary homeowners contributing just over 2.5% of that.

Revenue says the €13 million was collected from 65,800 properties in the Premier County in 2018 with a 97.7% compliance rate which is just above the national figure of 97%.

Dublin City is where the most LPT tax was collected last year at €69 million while Leitrim was lowest at just €2.2 million.

Each local authority retains 80% of the monies collected through the property tax with the remainder going to the Governments equalisation fund.

At €16 million last year Euro Tipperary was the main beneficiary of the fund which is redistributed to Local Authorities that don’t have a sufficient property tax base to generate enough funding for its services.

However Taoiseach Leo Varadkar recently suggested counties may be allowed to retain all of the property tax collected locally which would result in a major shortfall for Tipperary County Council going forward.

Council CEO Joe MacGrath already has to work with €1.6 million less this year after Councillors voted against proposals to continue with the 10% increase in the LPT which they had agreed to for last year.