Templemore Town Hall Cultural & Enterprise Centre- ‘back on track’

Photo © Tipp FM

Any fears that the Templemore Town Hall Cultural & Enterprise Centre had stalled appear to have been allayed.

Despite significant funding some years ago many had begun to question if the project would ever reach completion.

However the announcement of another million Euro by Minister Heather Humphreys shows the Town Hall and Civic Plaza is back on track according to local Councillor Noel Coonan.


“Any doubts about the Town Hall development going ahead have been removed.

“In February 2020 €2.1 million was approved but the real costs are over €4 million now so the additional shortfall of €1.2 million has now been allocated by the Minister. 75% will come from the Rural Development Fund and 25% will come from the Councils own resources. Nothing to stop the project going ahead now.”
Noel Coonan says the Town Hall and Civic Plaza will bring new life back into the town.

“The development will prove to be a focal point – and across the road is the access to the Town Park and there are plans to develop that as well.

“It’ll bring a new vibrancy to the centre of the town and “make the town great again” to borrow a phrase from the former American President.”