Sean Ross Commemorative Committee member says meeting with Tipperary County Council was productive

A survivor of the Sean Ross Abbey Mother and Baby Home in Roscrea says a meeting with members of Tipperary County Council went better than she expected.

Teresa Collins is part of the Sean Ross Commemorative Committee and addressed yesterday’s virtual meeting of the local authority.

She was one of over 6,000 children born in Sean Ross Abbey during it’s time as a Mother & Baby Home.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier Teresa said there was a positive outcome from the meeting.

“Fair play, every one of them committed and each individually did apologise I’ll give them that.”

“They offered to set up a sub committee to deal with it so we’re taking that on board.”

“Look they offered the olive branch – we shook hands with that olive branch and we’ll work with them. Delighted to work with them for the benefit of everybody, not just for the council but for the history benefit of it as well.”