Local authority praised for Tipperary County Development Plan

The newly launched County Development Plan for Tipperary has been praised by the Office of the Planning Regulator.

It covers the period from 2022 to 2028 and is the first document to cover the entire county – previous plans were specific to either North or South Tipperary.

Tipperary County Council has put an immense amount of work in the Development Plan which has been commended by Deputy Planning Regulator Ann Marie O’Connor.

She told Tipp FM that the plan will impact on everyone in the county in the years ahead.

“It sets out all of the policy that will govern all the planning decisions and a lot of investment decisions as well.

“It covers things like how many houses are needed, where’s the best place that they should be located – where they’re close to services, where infrastructure is either in place and ready to go or can easily be provided. And aligning that then with things like school places and initiatives to allow people to cycle and walk places to make sure we’re not making all of our journeys by car.”

With the County Development Plan for Tipperary until 2028 now in place Ann Marie O’Connor says this is really just part of overall the process.

“What will follow on from that then will be the Local Area Plans for Clonmel, Nenagh and Thurles.

“We will be engaged again in looking at those in evaluating those and making sure that they’re coordinated with National and regional policy.

“What I would say to listeners as well is that it’s really important and I’d really encourage them to take a look at these when they’re out for public consultation and to think about how they’d like their communities to look in six years.”