Lack of detail on N24 plans questioned

Photo from google Maps

There have been calls for Tipperary County Council to publish concrete plans for the N24 in Tipperary Town.

This comes as €200,000 funding was announced this week to upgrade the existing Tipp Town to Limerick Junction walkway.

David Moloney from the N24 Road Facebook Group says that despite all the work that has gone into drawing up plans over the past few months, nothing definite has been published.

He believes this new funding will be a waste because the road and footpaths will have to be dug up again as part of the N24 Realignment works.

“They keep talking about incorporating active travel components – they haven’t committed on a single thing and they won’t produce.

“I mean they’ve been working for the last 6 months producing drawings and the drawings they have produced are just to get the outline and to show what the junctions are going to look like, where there’s going to be accommodation roads, where all the entrances from existing houses and farms are severed, but they won’t provide any information.”

The uncertainty around the plans is also impacting on property sales in the area.

He says that he knows of people in the area who have had to take their houses off the market because they are on the corridor for the realignment works, even though they don’t know for certain if their properties will be impacted.

“There’s a million spent already on the design, why don’t they provide us with drawings now to show the alignment?

“I have neighbours that are trying to sell properties and they have to pull the property off the market because the auctioneer advised them that no one’s going to buy your property because it’s within the corridor.”