Hopes Templemore flood relief works can be completed swiftly

Flood relief works approved for the Templemore area need to be completed before winter according to a local Councillor.

Nearly €250,000 has been allocated for the works at Priory Demesne on the Borrisoleigh road.

The flooding has impacted on a number of houses in the area.

Councillor Eddie Moran says the residents shouldn’t have to put up with the flooding for another winter.

“Please God we’ll get it done before the end of the year and I want to get this done before the end of the year because these people can’t put up with another winter of this.”

“It’s a 12 week project they said – there’ll be a ‘Stop & Go’ system on the road and please God it might be done before the 12 weeks.”

“It’s great news for the people there, they need this to happen.”