Tipp Town Revitaslisation Heritage Group to present new historical film documentary

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The Tipp Town Revitaslisation Heritage Group will present their new historical film documentary at National Heritage Week.

Making its debut, ‘Tipperary Glove Factories Remembered’ will take a look at the glove making industry in Tipp Town from the early 1900s to the 1970s.

Mary Alice O’Connor, producer and historian, told Tipp Today that the documentary will look back and acknowledge a time when gloves were a staple item of clothing and how military gloves made in these factories were essential during WW1.

Mary spoke of how important this industry’s history is to the town:

“It’s very important because when we think of Tipperary Town, we think of agriculture, milk, cheese, butter because it’s an agricultural-based market town. But, the glove industry, which is very important as part of our industrial heritage, played a huge role.

“We’ll say, the one on Station Road, which was on the site of the work house, that would’ve had anywhere up to 70, 80 employees in the 1930s right up to the 50s. That would have made a huge difference to the town.”

The film will premiere at the Excel Heritage Centre in Tipp Town at 7.30pm on Thursday, August 18th.