Tipp student says traditional Leaving Cert is not an option this year


A Tipperary Leaving Cert student expects there to be “a wall of opposition” if the Education Minister decides the traditional exams will go ahead in the summer.

Jason Quigley, from Nenagh CBS, is among those calling for predicted grading to be introduced for students again this year, due to the time lost in the classroom.

There are growing calls from opposition parties for a decision to be made on the State exams, as school buildings remain closed.

Jason thinks that predicted grading is the only feasible option at the moment.

“We’ve been left in limbo for far too long now.”

“An important point to note though is if Norma Foley does decide to proceed with the written exam later in the year I do have a strong feels she will be faced with a wall of opposition – not only from political parties who have been calling for the exams to be cancelled or to be given the option of predicted grades for many weeks – but from students as well.”