Staff Vacancies in Tipp Ambulances putting pressure on the service

Photo © Patrick Flynn

The urgent need to fill vacancies in the National Ambulance Service in South Tipperary has been raised with the Taoiseach.

Deputy Mattie McGrath spoke in the Dail on the issue where he highlighted the pressure being put on existing staff.

The Independent TD says the majority of the posts in South Tipp have been vacant for some time.


“There are currently eight staff vacancies within South Tipp paramedic services – two of which are temporary but the remaining six are long term. This is causing huge trauma and stress on the remaining.

“And I salute the ambulance service in South Tipperary and all over the country. And indeed in my own village the First Responders in Caislean Nua they way they assist the National Ambulance Service.

Deputy Mattie McGrath told the Dáil that paramedics were opting to take up posts elsewhere rather than South Tipp.

“They’re going to bigger areas and there’s no recruitment taking place in South Tipperary so hence we’re not getting any replacements. We need those replacements desperately bad because we have the towns of Clonmel, Cashel and indeed Tipperary Town ambulance bases to serve the whole of South Tipperary and indeed into West Waterford so we need that recruitment. So can you give a commitment that the ambulance service in Tipperary will be brought up to its full modicum of staff?”

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said he would raise the issue with the Health Minister.