South Tipperary communities called on to help identify meanings on local IRA map

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Communities in South Tipperary are being called on to help identify meanings on a local IRA map.

In late 2021, Tipperary County Archives received an early 20th century map on-loan from a local family that had cared it for decades.

The map focused on certain localities within the area of operations of the 3rd Tipperary Brigade IRA and has unknown annotations that the heritage office is seeking to identify.

Roisin Burke, Director of Abarta Heritage who are guiding the project are appealing to local people to get involved and attend the upcoming talk on March 8th:

” We want to encourage the public to get involved and help us dig a little bit more and find out a little bit more about what these markings mean”.

She also says that it is the locals that will have grown up knowing and hearing stories of places and sites that may guide them in discovering more about the map.