Concerns that Aer Lingus may end trans Atlantic flights from Shannon

Photo © Pat Flynn

Efforts are being made to ensure Aer Lingus continue to operate out of Shannon Airport.

Earlier in the month, the airline released their financial figures for the second quarter of this year which showed losses of close to €100 million for the three months running to June.

Due to these losses, the viability of flights to and from regional airports such as Shannon has been questioned.

Michael Doorley is the president of the Irish Travel Agents Association, speaking on Tipp Today he believes its key for the region that Aer Lingus continue to operate from Shannon.

“The West of Ireland and Shannon need that. Centralising everything in Dublin isn’t the right thing for the country.”

“If Aer Lingus move we still have American Airlines, or United or Delta flying out of Shannon. It would be a pity if Aer Lingus pull out.”

“We have made representations for Aer Lingus to retain Shannon as one of their departure points.”