Save St Brigid’s group still awaiting report from Minister

Jane Jones and Séamus Healy delivering the petition to save St Brigid's to the Dáil. Photo courtesy of the Save St Brigid's Action Group.

The delegation who travelled to the Dáil yesterday with a petition to keep St Brigid’s Hospital open did not receive a report on why the hospital required closure.

More than 11,000 people from all over Tipperary had signed a petition to retain the palliative and respite care at St Brigid’s in Carrick-on-Suir.

Two representatives from the Save St Brigid’s action group met with Minister Mary Butler yesterday, but Councillor David Dunne echoed Séamus Healy’s disappointment about the way the meeting was conducted and how short it was.

Councillor Dunne told Tipp Today that a report, which was promised by the Minister, had still not been received this morning.

“We want to see the evidence and we will reevaluate if the report stands up and if the concerns that they have stand up, we will make a decision then as an action group as to what we are going to do going forward.

“As the 11,000 people who agreed with us said, the question was asked on the petition ‘would you place a loved one in St Brigid’s Hospital now?’ Right now, at this moment and the answer was yes was 11,000 people and that’s a phenomenal response.”

Councillor Dunne added that while they were aware of issues with the hospital, there were funds there and these things could be rectified.