Tipperary motorists reminded they could be over the Drink Drive limit the morning after

Photo: © Pat Flynn

If you’re planning on enjoying some festive drinks over the coming days remember you could be over the drink-drive limit the next day.

Gardaí will be out in force across the Tipperary Division over the coming days with checkpoints for both drink and drug driving.

Thurles based Inspector James White says it’s better to be safe than sorry.

“If you consume alcohol you may very well be still over the legal limit to drive the following morning.

“So we’re appealing to people that if there’s a possibility that you may be over the limit do not drive.

“If you encounter a checkpoint or a Garda patrol and you’re requested to undergo a roadside breath test and you fail this you will fine yourself arrested and processed on suspicion of drink driving.

“So please if in doubt do not drive.”