Signage could be erected in Cashel to stem flow of trucks through the town

Photo from Google Maps

The Tipperary Cahir Cashel Municipal District has been awarded funding under the Destination Towns programme, which includes a full signage review.

Signs relating to articulated vehicles passing through the town “will be included if deemed necessary”.

Former councillor Tom Wood spoke on Tipp Today this morning about the issue, adding that in future, if needed, bye laws under the Traffic Act could prevent trucks from passing through the town unnecessarily.

He explained how the signage might work, after it was raised as a motion by Cllr Michael Fitzgerald at a recent Municipal District meeting.

“That would mean that on the approaches as you come to Cashel, on the motorway or the bypass etc, you would have signs there basically pointing out the fact that there’s no need for them (articulated trucks) or they shouldn’t be coming through the town centre if it wasn’t necessary.

“Now, I appreciate the response to the motion, but we have to keep an eye on things because at the end of the day, very often just putting up signs isn’t enough.”

Tom added that with things like the Cashel Palace development and pedestrian links to The Rock, things need to change for future generations, rather than doing something to last in the short term.

He said that when Failte Ireland do the signage review, he would urge them to talk to local people and get their input.

Tom finished by saying that if signs are not effective, bye laws under the Traffic Act could then be looked at.