N24 upgrade route on display in Limerick Junction

Photo courtesy of March4Tipp, Jobs4Tipp & Tipperary Town Chamber of Commerce.

People along the preferred option route selected for the N24 between Limerick Junction and Cahir are being urged to attend information events this week.

One of the main benefits of the upgrade is to ease traffic congestion in Tipperary Town which currently has around 700 heavy goods vehicles passing through the main street every day.

The corridor identified includes a combination of active travel measures for walking and cycling, improvements to public transport and improved road infrastructure for the communities along the N24.

Local Councillor Michael Fitzgerald accepts not everyone will be happy with the selected route but says it’s a huge step forward.

“I suppose the most important thing is the bypass of Tipperary Town. Now some people will say it’s too close – too near the town and some and some people will say that it’s too far. There will be problems with that.

“But look it is a start – it’s a red letter day for all the world. We know now what we can work on and we see the first route that will take us around Tipperary Town and take all that heavy goods traffic out of the town.”

Councillor Fitzgerald says it’s vital that people on the route engage with the design team.

“The consultation process that’s going to take place now it’s so vitally important that people make the effort to be in Ballykisteen this afternoon or on Thursday. They can make arrangements to meet the consultants.

“I know letters fell into people doors – 560 of them I think – telling them they were on the main route and it might have frightened the life out of people.”

The Project Team will be hosting an in-person Public Display of the Preferred Transport Solution in the Great National Ballykisteen Golf Hotel, Limerick Junction from 1pm to 8pm today and also on Thursday next.