Measures to ease road safety concerns in Dundrum

Photo from Google Maps

Concerns over the dangers faced by Ukrainian refugees walking on a rural road in West Tipp were raised at this month’s meeting of the Municipal District.

The issue had been highlighted on Tipp FM recently with calls for a footpath linking Dundrum House Hotel to the village of Dundrum itself.

130 people fleeing the war in Ukraine are currently being housed in the hotel and regularly walk to the village leading to fears for their safety as there is no footpath.

Councillor Declan Burgess says the need for the footpath was there long before the refugees arrived but says there is now a new urgency to have it addressed.

“The local residents are looking for a safe access from Dundrum House to the village. We’ve seen great work in terms of Active Travel delivering upgrades to footpaths in the village and we’re seeing more of that.

“But I think it’s really important that this is included in next year’s round and that its delivered as soon as possible. But I’ve got that commitment that there will be signs erected – I’ll be following up on a timeline for that.”

Councillor Michael Fitzgerald felt money would be better spent on resolving road safety issues at a number of local schools rather than a footpath in Dundrum.

However Declan Burgess says the footpath would be from a different funding source.

“I believe that we need to apply for Town and Village Renewal to deliver proper traffic calming and investment into the streetscape of Knockavilla. For instance that project is a much larger scheme but in terms of Dundrum it is definitely an Active Travel where there’s less competition to a project being put forward.

I’m not subject to comparing apples and oranges – I think we can deliver this project without sacrificing any other issues or areas within the district.”