McGrath calls for GoSafe funding to go to Gardaí

Photo © Tipp FM

A Tipperary TD is calling for the funding given to Go Safe vans to be re-directed to the Gardaí’s Roads Policing Unit.

It’s after a Roscommon judge criticised the operators for hiding their speed vans from unsuspecting motorists.

Judge James Faughnan said he “wouldn’t tolerate” the practice, after a driver was caught speeding without knowledge of the van’s presence.

Independent TD Mattie McGrath says GoSafe vans aren’t value for money.

“That money should be put into the Traffic Corps who badly need it.”

“They have the hand-held Apps now and they’re doing tremendous work taking cars that have no insurance or maybe disqualified drivers. These vehicles could pass these speed vans and they mightn’t even get the points if they’re not insured or taxed they won’t know who owns them. So they have no effective value from that point of view or preventing crime.”