Electronic speed signs welcomed in South Tipp villages

Photo from Google Maps

The installation of speed monitoring equipment in two villages on the Clonmel – Kilkenny road is already having an impact.

The electronic signs on the approach to Ninemilehouse and Grangemockler display your speed and flash red or green depending on if you are over or under the limit.

Councillor Mark Fitzgerald says anything that will slow down motorists going through the villages is welcome.

“The N76 is a very fast stretch of road and because it’s such a busy main road unfortunately people don’t take into account the fact that Grangemockler and Ninemilehouse are actually villages and they don’t slow down.”

“Even at stages there was people overtaking going through Grangemockler so it’s great to see these driver feedback signs being installed.”

“Even some of the residents have said they have already seen a noticeable decrease in speed going through the villages.”