Call for safety measures at N24 junction near Carrick on Suir

Photo from Google Maps

There are calls for a safety audit to be carried out on a section of the N24 near Carrick-on-Suir.

A junction on the road known as Arrigan’s Boreen falls on a stretch that has a 100kph speed limit but no filter lane.

Local residents are concerned that without one there will be an accident, however, Cllr. Kieran Bourke was told at a recent meeting of the Municipal District that they couldn’t act upon fears and there was no evidence that such a measure was needed.

Cllr. Bourke rejected this excuse telling Tipp FM that it was unacceptable that there should have to be a crash in order to see action.

“If a health and safety audit is carried out by professional people this will tell us once and for all if this junction needs to be altered or not and I think it’s time people who design these junctions need to hold their hands up when they and say look we got it wrong we need to modify this.

“There’s never been an accident there and thank God there’s never been an accident there and we shouldn’t have to wait until there is an accident there or a fatality to do something about it, we need to do something now.”

He also wants increased signage to warn HGVs not to turn onto the boreen.

“Sat Navs are sending heavy good s vehicles up that way and when they get up that road a couple of hundred yards there’s a very narrow bridge crossing the railway track and they’re just not able to navigate so these arctic trucks need to try and turn and there is an island on that junction and they’re calling for that island to be removed and a painted one put in… so they are looking for signage to stop people coming up this junction.”